Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Xperialized for Callisto


Xperia Interface
Xperia Bootscreen
Timescape [Timescape Widget Not Working]
Xperia Walkman
Xperia Keyboard
lXperia S Launcher
Sony Widgets
Sony LWP
Xperia S LockScreen
Xperia Events [Alternative And Better Than Timescape]
Xperia S Wallpaper


Timescape agak ngelag
Bravia and Xloud Engine not Working
Timescape Widget tidak bisa


DQiB For Galaxy Mini And Fit Xperia Rom Some Part From His Rom
Ajay Base Rom
SpaceCaker For The Concept And the First Rom


1. Fix Permission setelah flash
2. Untuk mencegah agar tidak bootlop lakukan full wipe
3. Supaya bisa pake style Xperia S Lockscreen Set Lockscreen to Xperia S Lock in SonyHD Setting

cara instal :

1. download rom Xperia nya
2. masuk CWM
3. wipe data & cache, dan wipe dalvik cache
4. pilih instal zip from sdcard
5. wipe data, cache, dan dalvik cache terakhir fix permission
6. reboot deh

#note : inget ya, wipe nya hrus full wipe dan harus lakukan fix permission.

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