Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013

Nature UX Special Edition

Gan ane disini mau share ROM Portingan ane buat Samsung Galaxy GT-I5510 a.k.a Callisto, ini rom mirip dengan User Interface nya Galaxy S4 tapi beda rasa gan kan ini Custom ROM :p.
Oke kita lanjut aja ke intinya gan, ini reviewnya :

Screenshot :

Performa :

  1.  Base kernel dengan CM7 Nightly bisa di Overclock sampai dengan 800 MHz (Settingan governor recomended  adalah SavagedZen)
  2. Include / Installed Adrenaline Engine and Adrenaline Boost
  3. Audio terbaik dengan Alsa, Beats Audio, SRS, xLoud, Dolby, Clear Audio with DSP Beats Manager
  4. Build.prop Tweaks
  5. BLN worked
  6. Full GPU Rendering
  7. 2.3.8 Bluetooth.apk
  8. Replace Superuser with latest SuperSU
  9. Include Link2SD for memory management
  10. Support ext4
  11. Sparepart now access from settings
  12. Bravia Engine really work 100%
  13. Built in Flash Player 11.1
  14. Integrated HOST for Adblocker
  15. New beauty sound
  16. Include GPS patch for Speed lock GPS
  17. Undervolt & Bacem Tweaks support for Galaxy 551
Interface and App : No Themes

  1.  Beauty Touchwiz Statusbar with slider brightness and full statusbar expanded
  2.  Include Battery Bar for MIUI Look
  3.  Gallery3D is default gallery
  4. Mod CM Lockscreen
  5. Mod Holo Launcher to Touchwiz Style
  6. JB Style Installer
  7. Blue Setup Wizard And Google Service Framework
  8. Beauty MIUI Music Player with shortcut equalizer settings
  9. Sansation Fonts
  10. Touchwiz style settings Launcher,Lockscreen,statusbar,theme,wallpaper,Supe ruser,task manager shortcut to settings
  11. Touchwiz Style MMS with SMS Popup support
  12. JB Style Camera
  13. JB Recent App
  14. JB Style Dialog
  15. New Cool Boot Animation
  16. Transparent Google Search Mod
  17. Youtube 2.1.6 with Downloader
  18. Add Stopwatch and Timer apk
  19. Replace LatinIME with Q2 Keyboard
  20. Stock My Files with my Mod is default File Manager

Link Download : Download disini

How to install : Flash via CWM

  1. Reboot phone to CWM (press T + power)
  2. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  3. Wipe Cache Partitions
  4. Wipe Dalvik Cache 
  5. Install Zip from sdcard ---> NatureUX_callisto.zip
  6. Wipe Data again
  7. Wipe Cache again
  8. Fix Permissions
Thanks to :

1. Samsung Galaxy Ace Community for my inspiration from their NATURALIZER ROM
2. Imbawind Adrenaline Engine and Adrenaline Boost
3. Geva28 for Beats Manager
4. blltalas for Stock My Files
5. Mobint for Holo Launcher
6. Pvy Parts for Team.Battery.Bar
7. dodol.com for Dodol keyboard or Q2 Keyboard
8. ACHEP for Stopwatch and Timer
9. Probcomp for SMS Popup Notifier
10. Amarullz for AROMA INSTALLER
11. UOT Kitchen for Room Theming
12. Lagloose for CM7.x GPS Patch
13. XDA Developer for Reference

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